Planer/Bobber Light Kit 4 Pack


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LYT N BUGG Planer Bobber Light was developed to provide high visibility for night fishing when drifting, trolling and using bobbers. They can be seen from great distances and provide a quick and easy at a glance monitoring of planers and bobber. If one happens to get broken off, finding it will be easy as well.

1. Drill a hole approx. 11/64 inch in top if
the planer board or bobber is foam. 1/4
inch if a hard type board.
2. Slide the Red 1/4 inch diameter insert
to ensure a snug fit.
3. Glue insert using an expanding
urethane waterproof glue to secure the
insert in place. (follow glue instructions
for time to dry) (recommend using
sandpaper to rough up the insert for a
better hold)
4. Twist light right to turn on and left to
turn off.

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