About Us

LYT “N” BUGG started from the mutual love of the outdoors that Ken Kennamer and Tracy Bingham shared. We are both veterans, Ken Vietnam Army and Tracy Cold War Navy Submarine Force.

As our friendship grew, we spent more time fishing and hunting together both of which had certain aspects of concern for safety and opportunity for innovation. Our first thoughts were how to improve night fishing. No matter how much light, placement of light, glowing fishing rod tips we could not eliminate several big problems that made night fishing a nightmare, insects, eye fatigue and missing the subtle bite…did I mention insects!!!

We have tried all the off the shelf products for lighting rod tipsĀ  and none of them satisfied the problem of fitting any rod tip, interference with casting maintenance, durability, back light elimination and eye fatigue in one product. We worked on a solution for about three years and then it happened…LYT “N”BUGG!!!

We developed a way to mount a light that can be attached and leave it in place for casting or spinning rigs no mater what size rod tip. Oh and don’t need backlight nor does one need to stare at the rod all the time.

AND No Lights (anchor light still required if in a boat) insects became more interested in the lights on the rod tip and less interested in people.

Well, our next product was more about hunter safety. Maybe not a glamorous, however there have been many times entering or exiting the woods at night without 360 degree light was scary because hunters entered our private land and shot after legal shooting light.

The “Hunter Safety Light” idea came to Ken the night one of these shootings occurred with bullets whizzing by. Who was the real deer in the woods? A simple solution that can give a hunter some peace of mind entering and exiting the woods will not lead to dodging bullets.

Our goal is to provide customers with useful products that will add to their Love of the Outdoors!